Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures….

Though today was the calculated due date for our bambino’s grand entrance, we’ve had no baby action of note today.  We are in the 40th week and mommy is feeling as pregnant as ever.  Thus, we decided to take matters into our own hands today and considered some do-it-yourself labor induction techniques. While plenty of natural methods to try to bring on labor exist (e.g., walking, sex, nipple stimulation, castor oil, herbal teas, and spicy food), it’s difficult to prove that any of them will … [Read more...]

Today is the Big Day…Maybe

Today is our due date.  The big day is supposed to be forty weeks into the pregnancy, but as I’ve mentioned before, babies normally make their entrance at any time between thirty-seven and forty-two weeks.  This means that your baby can come at any point during a five-week window – if he/she doesn’t decide to arrive early.  If he/she is running too late, doctors will typically induce the pregnancy so that the baby is born before the end of the forty-second week. So how does one determine the … [Read more...]

The Epidural: To Medicate or Not To Medicate?

One of the major decisions that mommy and her partner/coach will face is whether or not mommy will take pain-killing medication during labor.  Allow me to be direct up front, ultimately the decision will be up to the mommy (remember that it’s the mommy’s pain, not the partner’s/coach’s pain), but the partner/coach needs to understand mommy’s will when the day comes so everyone is on the same page and the appropriate support can be provided by the partner/coach (or coaches if others will be there … [Read more...]

The Cord: To Cut or Not To Cut?

A few weeks ago was the first time I ever started thinking about that question, "should I cut the umbilical cord?"  Frankly, for most of my life, I didn't know if I'd need to worry about it, but now with Baby Bouton actually on the way, the fateful time will soon be upon me (approximately 4 days and counting, assuming the little guy is punctual). When the question first popped into my head, I didn't even hesitate.  I immediately knew that I did NOT need, or want, to cut the umbilical cord of … [Read more...]

Our Bags Are Packed…

Actually the bags have been packed for a few weeks.  We are currently in week 40 (5 days and counting to the supposed due date) and babies normally make their appearance at any time between thirty-seven and forty-two weeks.  Since this means that your baby can come at any point during a five-week window, I figured it would be better to be safe than sorry and started to get things together in week 36. After reading many suggestions for “what to pack” from a variety of resources, here’s my take … [Read more...]

Earthquake Preparedness…

I woke up way too early this morning thinking about what I’ve been obsessing over for the past few weeks...preparing for the baby’s arrival.  For some reason, it dawned on me, that preparing for the baby’s arrival – setting up the nursery, packing the hospital bag(s), making sure that we have the “essentials” waiting at home for the little-guy-to-be – feels somewhat like a constant state of earthquake preparedness (or maybe disaster preparedness for those of you who are not from California).  … [Read more...]