DB’s Lots O’ Meat Red Sauce

You might be wondering why I am posting a recipe for a red meat sauce on a website about the trials and tribulations of a stay-at-home dad.  First, many of the “off the shelf” pregnancy/parenting resources suggest that making meals in bulk prior to the birth of Baby, and freezing them for later use, can help remove one of the sources of stress encountered by new parents’ during their first couple of weeks at home after the birth of Baby.  This is one that we actually followed through on.  … [Read more...]

Daddy’s New Roles

During the first week of our new baby’s life, he pretty much just ate, slept, pooped, and cried…not necessarily in that order.  So most of Mommy and Daddy’s time revolved around tending to these needs via feeding, changing diapers/clothes, and soothing.  In between these activities, my beautiful bride and I tried to manage to do the same things for ourselves, without strangling one another or dumping our little bundle of joy in the diaper bin. During the second week, all of the above were … [Read more...]

“Top 10” Things to Buy for Creating Postpartum Sanity at Home

After arriving home following the birth of your new family addition, the two weeks (at least) that follow will bring moments of joy, fascination, excitement and awe.  However, you will also get exhausted, frustrated, maybe even angry.  You will definitely experience some periods of sleep deprivation.  If you are married or in a relationship, your relationship could be tested to the limits. Adjusting to such a big change does not happen over night.  That said, in those first couple of weeks … [Read more...]

Fire and Brimstone…

Upon hearing the excruciating cries, smelling the toxic, sulfur-like emissions, and seeing the wailing expressions of a demon-spawn on “fire,” I wondered if I had somehow arrived in the underworld and was facing Beelzebub himself.  When I awoke from my sleep-deprived fog, I realized that I was not in hell…I was actually in the comfort of my own bedroom and it was 1:30am.  I thought to myself, “WHAT THE [email protected]#K?” This was only our first night home after five excruciatingly long days in the … [Read more...]