A Simple Way To Get Your Greens….

My beautiful bride and I kick start each day with this Green Smoothie below for a few reasons.  First, after “breaking your fast” from hopefully a good night sleep, it is typically easier on your body to ingest and digest whole-, water-rich foods, as opposed to things like eggs, bacon, pancakes, cereal, etc.  In addition, the rich greens in this concoction provide “alkalizing” effects that can offset the acidity of the fruit as your body breaks down the sugars, thus helping to keep your body’s … [Read more...]

DB’s Lots O’ Meat Red Sauce

You might be wondering why I am posting a recipe for a red meat sauce on a website about the trials and tribulations of a stay-at-home dad.  First, many of the “off the shelf” pregnancy/parenting resources suggest that making meals in bulk prior to the birth of Baby, and freezing them for later use, can help remove one of the sources of stress encountered by new parents’ during their first couple of weeks at home after the birth of Baby.  This is one that we actually followed through on.  … [Read more...]