The Waiting Game

So here are we are trying to figure out how to keep ourselves busy as we wait for the signs of labor to arise, or as we ready ourselves for round 2 of induced labor.  People often suggest such activities as taking walks, going to see movies, watching favorite TV show marathons, playing games, or going shopping.  Well, we tried them all and still no action. Here’s something to consider for the dads/partners out there.  Though all these ideas might sound good, anticipate that it’s not that easy to convince a pregnant woman – who is almost a week past her due date, who is constantly uncomfortable, and who does not want to sit upright in one place for very long – to spend a few hours in a movie theater or to have the patience to play board games.  You will need to be patient in order to support her, and resourceful in order to keep her “busy,” as she goes through this frustrating time.

One thing that we did seem to do a lot of during our waiting period was shopping.  As you can probably tell by now if you’ve been following along, or if you already know me well, I’m the first one who wants to be prepared.  In addition, I liked having an excuse to get out of the house.  However, I don’t know how many times one can go shopping in a period of a few days without getting somewhat exhausted and definitely getting sick of shopping.

Interestingly enough, we both thought that we were already stocked up at home after our efforts to prepare for our first round in the hospital last week.  However, in the time between meals (at home and dining out), walks around the block, and watching Downton Abbey for hours on end (we’re on Season 3, a few episodes in…), your mind can think of all kinds of things that you “need” to be even more prepared.   Thus, shopping seemed to be the other pastime to fill the gaps.  After multiple runs to Costco, Whole Foods and Target our refrigerator, freezer and closets are now stuffed with “supplies” for when we get back home.

We went to Whole Foods for our daily essentials (e.g. fresh produce, ingredients for our daily green smoothie, whatever I would make for dinner each night, and Evolution juices for those days when you need some quick healthy “snacks” on the run, etc.).  We went to Target because it’s close to our house, they are well stocked on household essentials such as TP, Kleenex, paper towels, etc., and they have my favorite snack – Annie’s Snickerdoodle Cinnamon Sugar Gluten Free Bunny Cookies (yes, they are gluten free and you’d never know it, they are fantastic).  We went to Costco for…well who needs a reason to go to Costco?  I’m still trying to find a justification to take home the 70” flat screen that stares you in the face as you walk in the Costco entrance.  In addition, Costco has my other favorite snack – Sahale snacks Pomegranate Pistachios Nut Blend with Almonds, Cherries and Black Pepper (I know this combo might sound strange, but it is unbelievably good and addictive).

Incidentally, a common piece of advice in preparation for your arrival home with the new baby is to make a bunch of meals that can be frozen for when you are back in the comfort of your own home.  The prevailing wisdom is that during the first week or two after being home, you will be occupied constantly with baby duty and the last thing you will want to do is prepare meals.  This seemed to make sense to me.  Suggestions for meals typically include things like casseroles, lasagna, etc.  Well we don’t really eat casseroles often and though I make a mean lasagna, it’s very labor intensive and time consuming, and I needed to catch up on other household chores, such as installing the blackout shades in the nursery and assembling a new storage “tower” for the nursery.  Damn this kid is expensive already!   Anyway, we opted to stock up on some premade meals from Costco that could be refrigerated or frozen until after we got home.

This was a difficult choice for us because we very rarely eat processed/packaged foods (except for the couple of my snack vices I mentioned above, and of course my beautiful bride’s passion for dark chocolate peanut M&Ms, but I digress…).  Like many couples, we try to eat relatively healthy meals.  We typically eat fresh, whole foods and prepare meals at home more times than not.  That said, we decided that our immediate healthy lifestyle could take a bit of a hit during the first couple of weeks post baby’s arrival home.  What the heck, we won’t be getting much sleep so why not eat like crap as well?  Evenso, we did try to choose somewhat healthy options that we suspected would also taste really good, such as Pineapple Curry Sauce and Lemon Infused Basmati Rice, Kung Pao Chicken with Jasmine Rice, Chicken Tikka Masala, Penne Bolognese, Wild Mushroom Risotto, organic Spinach and Cheese Ravioli and organic Basil, Asiago & Pine Nut Pesto Ravioli.  I’m getting hungry just writing this, and it has been very difficult not to crack into these enticing morsels before we leave for the hospital for round 2.

The one thing I did prepare was a large vat of my delicious meat sauce.  This sauce started out as the base sauce for my lasagna and I have been perfecting it over some time.   Now we use it on all types of pasta, in baked rigatoni or baked penne, and of course in lasagna.  After I completed the batch-to-store and we enjoyed it fresh for one last time before the birth of our little bundle of joy, we froze it in small portions so it could be easily used with a variety of simple pasta dish options, including the various raviolis that we purchased from above said stores.  Incidentally, for those of you who might be interested in the recipe for my “Lots O’ Meat Red Sauce,” I plan to add it to the Food & Beverage section of so look out for future posts.  I’d love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions to spruce it up a bit.

Until soon…thanks for listening.


  1. molly weedn says:

    Loving following along!

  2. Bobby Revaeb says:

    Wow you are makin me hungry! Do you have a good recipe for your pineapple curry or was that take out?

    • I would love to take credit for the Pineapple Curry, but actually we purchased it at Costco. The brand is “Laxmi’s Delight”. It was good and definitely had some heat. It’s also vegan and Gluten Free if that’s something you guys are paying attention to.


      Dad Bouton

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