Today is the Big Day…Maybe

Today is our due date.  The big day is supposed to be forty weeks into the pregnancy, but as I’ve mentioned before, babies normally make their entrance at any time between thirty-seven and forty-two weeks.  This means that your baby can come at any point during a five-week window – if he/she doesn’t decide to arrive early.  If he/she is running too late, doctors will typically induce the pregnancy so that the baby is born before the end of the forty-second week.

So how does one determine the expected due date?  Well, the doctor or midwife (if you choose to go that route) at your partner’s first prenatal appointment will ask your partner when her last menstrual period started.  The due date is determined to be forty weeks after the first day of the last period (approximately).

As you can imagine, this is not an exact science because many assumptions about a woman’s cycle length and ovulation time come into play.  Since in reality, every woman is different, and cycle lengths and ovulation times vary, the exact due date is very difficult to determine precisely.  In fact, the chance of your partner delivering on her due date is actually very low, something like a 3-5% chance.  That said, based on our doctor’s calculation, today is supposed to be our big day and it appears that our little bundle of joy was created one night (or morning) in May 2012 after winning big at the blackjack tables in Vegas.  I had no idea that we were going to hit the jackpot twice in one day….

Last night, on the eve of the big day, after a spicy Chinese dinner, my beautiful bride started to feel “different”.  As the night progressed, she was having some sharp “pains” that she couldn’t remember experiencing before.  Since “feeling different” is one of the signs for early labor (or kicking off the labor process), we thought that maybe our little man was getting ready for his grand entrance.  I went to bed wondering if I’d be awakened in the middle of the night or early this morning by that startling phrase that many get to hear, “it’s time.”

Well, I’m here to report that we had NO surprises last night or this morning.  It turns out that Mommy’s “pains” were just GAS.  Let the waiting games begin….

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